Our Story

Abeille Beauté started humbly in a small kitchen in southwestern Pennsylvania...

Alyssa Fine- then a high school student- began to experiment in her kitchen with small quantities of beeswax and honey, both supplied by her father's local beekeeping business. While that first batch of lip balm wasn't quite up to par, it inspired her to continue creating homemade cosmetics with natural ingredients.

A few years later, a recent college graduate fascinated by the beekeeping world, Alyssa received the honor of serving as 2011 Pennsylvania Honey Queen, sponsored by the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association. During her reign, she traveled extensively throughout Pennsylvania educating the public about the importance of honey bees. In addition to her presentations, she sometimes drew on her background to give beeswax cosmetics demonstrations, much to the thrill of her audiences.

The following year, Alyssa competed among Honey Queens from across the United States and spent another season traveling the country as 2012 American Honey Queen, sponsored by the American Beekeeping Federation. Throughout her reign, she had the opportunity to reach a much larger audience, and found that people were similarly fascinated with her homemade cosmetics background.

After returning home, Alyssa began to wonder if she could somehow marry her interests in natural cosmetics and beekeeping with her public speaking skills and business management degree. She wanted to provide top-quality natural cosmetics to people all across the country.

Abeille Beauté was exactly what she had hoped to create.

Translating directly from the French, Abeille Beauté means "Honey Bee Beauty" and it's easy to understand why. Abeille Beauté uses one of two main ingredients from the hive in each product-

  • Honey itself is more than just a sweetener- it has many beneficial properties which make it the perfect addition to many cosmetics. For one, honey has antibacterial and even antibiotic properties- which is why it is an ingredient in scrubs and cleansers.
  • While most people associate honey bees with honey, the hive produces beeswax as well. Beeswax is a natural humectant, which means that it attracts water. As a cosmetic ingredient, it helps to seal in moisture, keeping skin hydrated and soft. You'll find beeswax in lip balms, lotions, and moisturizers. 

Alyssa's vision for natural skincare- direct from the hive- is reflected in each Abeille Beauté product.

These just in...

Whipped Lip Balm Floral Collection - including Lavender, Orange Blossom, and Rose - is now available online!